Saturday, August 27, 2011

Even ESPN knows...

This is the logo for "ESPN U," the ESPN college sports network:

Does that U look familiar? Even the world-wide leader in sports recognizes what's important in college sports. The college football world is about to flipped on its head, and even ESPN knows it. No longer can the Utes be discredited as a "small conference school." No longer will our undefeated seasons be ignored. ESPN had countless options when designing their logo. The U didn't have to be red. It didn't have to have the sharp edges and flat top that the Utah logo has. There are limitless fonts and colors to choose from, and ESPN chose that. Coincidence? I think not... Their logo could have looked like this:

And I don't see any ESPN logos that look like this:

And I don't think we'll be seeing this anytime soon:

Look out PAC 10 teams. Your comfortable little conference is no more. It's only a matter of time until even your conference decides to change its logo...

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